Team ResFx

First and foremost, we’re artists. We create visual effects elements and content because we love visual effects. It’s a tough industry, long hours, complex tasks, hard deadlines, demanding clients & little to no fanfare for getting it right. We still love it. Our team is beyond dedicated, sleepless night after sleepless night, we persevere, in search of perfection.

We created ResFx to support our artistic endeavors. It’s not about the money. We wanted an element library that’s easily searchable, lists relevant meta-data and is specific. We want a muzzle flash from the actual gun used in the footage we’re working with, preferably shot on the same lens and camera body. We want flawless visual effects, seamless integration. We want to standout from the rest. We don’t come to work because it’s easy, we come to work because it’s hard.

This is why we created ResFx. Because you too want perfection. You want fire filmed on an Alexa because the footage you’re working with is filmed on an Alexa. You want rain shot on a 100 mm lens because that’s what lens was used on set for your shot. We do too.

ResFx, because it all adds up.